Hunter Biden to Lead New Credit Card Company

Green painted Chinese man holding a credit card.

Hunter Biden will be CEO and spokesperson for a new CCP Credit card. The card will be introduced soon and patient zero er customer zero will be Joe Biden.  Eric Swalwell is also considering getting the card because it will make it easier to buy gifts for his Girlfriend.

Hunter may not have much experience in Credit Cards (since most Drug Dealers don’t take them) but that has never stopped him from business dealings before. Computer repair shops do take credit cards, but typically you have to come pickup your laptop to use a card. Hunter does have alot of experience in China which should give him an edge. Hunter is working to get this card into the US and Ukrainian Markets.

The card will be offered to any dedicated lefty. Annual Fees will be based on income with rich people paying their fair share to make sure there is equity. The Democrat Party will hold all functions at venues taking the CCP card.

There will be a rewards program which will have special quarterly incentives. For instance, 5% incentive for trips to China and Democrat functions. 1% back on any thing labeled as “Made in China”. An Additional incentive will be given for purchase of items impacted by tariffs. Anyone buying a MyPillow will have rewards zeroed out and returned to the CCP. Mike Lindell says his upcoming MyStore will not be accepting the CCP card.

Rewards will be used to contribute to Democrat socialist candidates and for gift cards to Chinese restaurants. Rewards can also be used to get Toys with lead paint.

The CCP Card will offer an advanced mobile app to help you with all your Credit Needs. This App will collect all your personal information for you. You will not need to fill out an application just install the tracking App and all your information will be collected. The information on your phone is then forwarded to the CCP for their use.

All card owners will earn loyalty points in China’s social credit system. This is helpful should you defect to China. Hunter has a very high rating in the system due to his loyalty.

Image From : “Credit Card Man!” (CC BY 2.0) by Kyle Taylor, Dream It. Do It.