Hunter Swims With the Trout

Large Trout Swimming

Domestic terrorists have begun to infect fresh water streams, rivers and lakes. The invasion begins innocently enough: A goldfish paddles the secluded waters of an at-home aquarium, minding its own business, disturbing no native habitats.

Far from being an innocuous domestic animal, a goldfish freed in fresh water is an invasive species, a fish that is introduced to an environment, can quickly reproduce, outcompete native species and destroy a habitat. It is illegal to release goldfish into fresh water.

Domestic terrorists have been releasing goldfish blaming Covid created economic difficulties. They claim they are unable to afford to feed the goldfish and don’t believe in killing them so they release them into natural habitats. Swimmers have been attacked by man eating goldfish.

Another area of attack is the release of methemphetemines into waterways. Brown trout can become addicted to the illegal drug methamphetamine when it accumulates in waterways, according to new research.

Hunter Biden was arrested recently for driving under the influence. He pleaded not guilty claiming he ate trout for dinner. He came to court with a trout wrapped in newspaper for testing. After being found not guilty, Hunter invited the judge to a trout dinner to celebrate. He also gave him a private viewing of his Art Gallery.

Hunter was arrested later that week for swimming with the trout. Mike Trout says he is an Angel has nothing to do with Hunter. Josh Hamilton on the other hand who knows. We at DogfacePonia have decided to go fishing.

Image From: “Cutthroat trout spawning above Trout Lak” (Public Domain) by YellowstoneNPS