Kraken Scheduled for Release

What is the Kraken and why should we release it. Trump has it in one of the cages built by Obama to hold children at the border. He will have it investigated to determine if it affected the election. Sydney Powell has seen the Kraken and wants it released. Lin Wood says Powell will release the Kraken tomorrow just in time for Thanksgiving dinner! We said Kraken not Crackhead, where is Hunter by the way? And why am I hungry for some Calamari?

What is the Kraken? When you were a child didn’t your mother tell you to get Kraken. Why now does everyone wish to release it? The Kraken is a probably a mighty beast or Sea Serpent (like Nancy Pelosi on crack or Diana Fienkenstein?). Maybe it is just a software release to fix the glitches and set the votes straight? Either way it will be huge! The mythical Kraken was huge and normally blue in color but after drinking Democrat tears like a Chameleon it changes color to red. Historically, the Kraken always lost.  The Democrats believe that will be the fate of this Kraken because they believe it is mythical as well. Republicans believe it is real and once released will fix their election loss in swing states. Tomorrow we may know.

Today Sydney Powell and Rudy Giuliani let the Kraken out but caged it again after we only got a glimpse. Hunter Biden tried to buy Kraken but he thought it was another form of crack and he was running low on Chinese Money from buying the other kind of crack.

We at DogFacePony agree that the Kraken should be released. What will be the result of that release? Only the Shadow knows for sure.

image From: “the-kraken-existence2” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by nikoretro