Landmines Can’t Stop Freedom in Texas

Chuck Norris in picture with Texas

The administration is worried about Texas. They have been opposed by Texas in court with regard to their Executive actions on immigration. When Kamala discussed the administration’s jobs program, she leaked that they are going to clear landmines (presumably in Texas) which begs the question “What did she know and when did she know it?”

Who put the landmines in Texas? Were they put there to justify allowing illegals across the border to remove them? Or were they put there by Texas? With all the new solar jobs, Biden had to create jobs for immigrants that United States workers would not do.

This also covers their program that puts kids in cages again because it protects them from landmines. AOC is fixated on Texas also. She really thinks Ted Cruz almost murdered her. She was convinced to go to Texas to investigate the claim of kids in cages by Ted Cruz. She almost stepped on a landmine there. She claims that Texas has weapons of mass destruction placed there to murder her and Ted Cruz was complicit.

Martial artist and actor Chuck Norris was not involved in placing landmines. His manager confirmed to USA TODAY that the man seen in a photo who resembles Norris, is not actually him. The rumor mill had Chuck Norris dying from an exploding land mine. This is not true according to Chuck Norris Facts which says “Chuck Norris uses landmines as breath mints”

We at DogFacePonia believe the landmines are an invention of the administration. AOC is part of the narrative being created. No landmines actually exist for the illegals to remove but billions have been allocated to accomplish the task anyway.

Even if they are real, no landmine is gonna stop Texas.

Image From: “Texas other country” (CC BY 2.0) by Jesse 1974