Liberty Plans to Move to Texas

Close up on Face of Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty is in trouble, like all statutes in American that have historical significance. It is only a matter of time before the woke Left mob finds something against her (it’s rumored her great grandfather’s cousin’s former roommate owned a slave). After all, they have already seemingly turned against the Idea of Liberty and have turned to other Ideas like Antifa.

Following the NRA’s lead She may take refuge in Texas. The Republic of Texas wants to keep her around a bit longer (so things don’t go all Planet of Apes). They have offered to create a new place to keep her safe.  Texas is voting to secede from the United States and wants a symbol to rally around. Texas is concerned that the Statue of Liberty is at risk of being toppled and or defaced by mostly peaceful protesters.  BLM has been nominated for the Nobel Mostly Peaceful Prize. They want to cancel the Statue of Liberty in celebration of their anticipated win.

Many statues have been destroyed or removed and schools have been renamed. The Statue of Liberty has a tablet bearing the date of the Declaration of Independence in her left hand and a torch in her right. Some Believe recognizing the Declaration of Independence in this way has to be cancelled. The Declaration is seen as misogynistic, transphobic document by the Liberals as it says “All Men are Created Equal”. It says nothing of women or any of the other 40 genders. The Date should be changed 1619.

Also the Statue of Liberty herself is not black or transgender (or both) so it no longer acceptable in the US because it is not Equitable. Discussions of where to put the Statue included at the Alamo. This consolidates tourism to one location.

Nominations for what to replace the Statue of Liberty with are being accepted by the National Parks Service.  A prize will be given to the winner which will be a tour of destroyed or defaced monuments and statues of America. Some early submissions include Darth Vader, Nancy Pelosi and Richard Nixon (defeater of super-racist George Wallace).

Trump will fund a security force in conjunction with the Texas Rangers (whom BLM likely thinks are racist) to protect the Statue of Liberty until the move can be arranged.

DogFacePonia has offered to provide assistance as well. We are working to create Education camps to teach Liberals about US history and the differences between a man and a woman. These are not reeducation camps because it is clear many have never been educated in the first place.

Image From: “liberty” (CC BY 2.0) by IAN RANSLEY DESIGN + ILLUSTRATION