MLB Announces Hijab Night

Pride Parade with woman wearing Hijab.

After the wonderfully successful angst created by Pride night in Tampa Bay, MLB has decided to take things to another level by introducing Hijab Night. All players will be expected to wear Hijabs in solidarity with Muslim women who experience sexism regularly.

This diversity equity and inclusion event is expected to bring a huge reduction in ticket sales. However it will boast MLB bottom line, as the Biden regime is in full support of the event and will supplement MLB with 1 trillion dollars for it ingenuity.

Hijab Night will be held across baseball on September 11 and the first 10,000 in attendance at each stadium wearing a Hijab will receive commemorative twin towers bobble head.

We here in DogFacePonia are sure that some logical people who know what gender they are and have strong beliefs in their own religion may have problems with this, not that personal opinions mean anything in the Biden Regime. Who knows maybe the Baseball commissioner with receive a Nobel peace prize? Stranger things have happened, I mean, Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize, Joe Biden stole the presidency.

Image From: “”Slutt å plage minoriteter”” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by human-etiskforbund