MLB Excited to Play at Least Half The Games

After activating itself from the IL (DL but we had to change to IL because it hurt bothered someone). Major League Baseball started it’s 60 games season and it is not going quite as well as they might have hoped. COVID infections are rampant and rain outs are not helping much either.

“We have had a few kneeling injuries but not as much as the NBA” said one spokesman.

MLB is excited to make it to half (for most teams anyways). And why not? I mean people need some distraction and sure it may risk the health of players but there is money to be made.

That said they finished the season in 1918. The Red Sox beat the Cubs in the World Series(for real). Babe Ruth got a victory pitching and hit a Triple. That was the last pandemic, unless you count H1N1. H1N1 killed people, but it was just a silly flu and Obama was president so it was under control.

Was 30 games is too much to hope for? The answer is yes of course. Now riots in cities are stopping the MLB virus party and it’s really too bad. We will miss the empty stadiums and fake fans.

Image From: “Babe Ruth” (Public Domain) by Dennis S. Hurd