What Should the Indians Be Renamed?

It was in the news that the Indians are going to change their name. So we came up with a poll and want your opinion on what would be a good new name!!

Cavers – As the ownership is spineless and giving in to liberal tears. So we think the Cavers is a good name. They also seem to cave in big games like the world series vs. The Cubs.

DogFacePony Soldiers – There is of course no self promotion here. We just feel it would be a great name.

Burning Rivers – Nothing could be more Cleveland than The Burning Rivers!!! I mean what river other than the mighty Cuyahoga has caught on fire?

Cops – Everyone loves the police. They are great public servants who serve and protect democracy who wouldn’t think this is a great name. Plus the Cleveland Cops is such good alliteration. They could be nicknamed the “Coppers”

Redskins The Washington Redskins might be giving this name up. So why not use it in Cleveland?

The Cleveland Baseball Team – Currently the Washington Football Team is the worst name in all of sports. The Cleveland Baseball Team could be worse as it is not even original. Basically they don’t deserve a name like the Team Formerly known as the Redskins.

We here at DogFacePonia think team names are sign of respect for a worthy adversary. The Liberal Media and now Sports engine has a different view.