NFL Adds a New Position Kneeler

Rodger Goodell has decided that it is in the best interest in the NFL to solidify its current new fan base and issued a statement.

“I should have kneeled before Colin Kaepernick sooner but at the time it looked like the money was on the other side. I realize now Black Lives Matter is an amazing group and can provide a solid new fan base for the NFL and help me to remain in my position as Commissioner longer. I want to also remind our supporters that the NFL strongly supports progress in line with the political agenda of our remaining fans which we expect will all vote for Joe Biden. I expect that all the true football fans will kneel down and apologize to Colin Kaepernick. He is a born true leader even if he is a terrible Quaterback. I have learned many quality characteristics from him. Kneeling to the American flag that represents freedom is not wrong but required for the NFL to continue to make money from poor black people and follow the Liberal Agenda.

In closing, I would like to say I am now a strong supporter BLM and all the peaceful protests happening across the nation. If I could give my house to Black Lives Matter, I would, but my contract with the NFL will not allow it.

Also Concussions don’t hurt anyone it is all a myth.

Signed Roger Goodell(Go-TO-Hell with me)”

The League has also decided to add a 12th player the Kneel-er. This player will be Kneeling at all times on the field to show our protest.

In other news, Colin Kaepernick is in negotiation with several teams to be their Kneeler and will command the highest contract of any player in the league. Several teams reached out to Tim Tebow to see if he would sign to be a Kneeler but he said he would only kneel before God and would only play Quarterback.

Image From : Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA / CC BY-SA

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