Oprah Selling More Snake Oil

Oprah and Obama

So surprise, surprise Oprah has come out in support of a Democrat and not just any Democrat. Oprah supports John Fetterman over Oz. What does this say about Oprah? Dr Oz is supposedly a friend of hers. She in many ways launched his career. Does anyone else feel like the Democrats are getting super desperate now?

Oprah had Oz on her show countless times. She also said he was like a son to her. She trusted him with the health of millions who watched her show. Her production company literally created the Doctor Oz show. Dr Oz and Oprah had a lucrative snake oil sales business going and Oz was the greatest snake oil salesman. That business dried up after Oz entered the senate race. In the past, she called Oz a trusted friend. Oprah could have just kept quiet and stayed out of it but she didn’t. Oprah said she really cares about Oz.

You see Oprah is really trying to look out for Oz. She doesn’t want him to be sent to Washington, where he is surrounded by thieves and liars. This is her way of taking care of him. She doesn’t think Oz is a big boy that can take care of himself. Fetterman is totally in control of his faculties and doesn’t need any help. In reality having Oprah endorse you is like having Liz Chenney endorse you. It will guarantee you that your opponent (in this case Oz) will triumph.

Oprah really tries to take care of all of us. She thinks we need a totalitarian leftist nanny state secretly run by Obama. Democracy depends on it! Which is why she votes for Democrats. If this doesn’t sound like Democracy to you, then you must be part of the Maga Cult.

Some have described Doctor Oz as a Snake Oil Salesman. Interesting, Oprah is the one who sold him so what does that make her? That’s right a snake oil saleswoman, and she sold us the biggest drum ever his name is Barrack Obama. We here at DogFacePonia don’t give a pony plop what Oprah thinks or does. Also we do not sell snake oil but we do pretend to sell DFP Oil.

Image From: “Oprah with Sen. Obama in Des Moines, IA” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Joe Crimmings