Coming Soon New Obama Documentary: I Survived Covid

Obama Mask

Netflix has been working with Barrack Hussain Obama on many projects lately. The newest Barrackumentory, How I Survived Covid, has been in the works for a little over a year and half. The Netflix crews worked relentlessly to prepare the Obama home for the reality experience of a lifetime.

We in DogFacePonia have had the displeasure of reviewing the first few episodes. It seems this show is less a documentary and more infomercial encouraging people to get the JAB. They say this is especially important after it was confirmed that wearing an Obama mask does not prevent the spread of Covid. Biden is concerned. At the end of the first episode they display a brought to you by Pfizer banner. Now we all know who to blame.

We sat down with the producer of the show Brandon Jabtastic and asked why they decided it was time to start filming. Brandon explained that once they had prepared the location for filming it was just a matter of timing to enhance the right kind of public fear.

Without giving away any of the secret details of the show, Jabtastic said the program will have glorious emotional ups and downs. Jabtastic told us that he believes numerous awards ceremonies are sure to follow. Jabtastic spoke despondently about truly hoping that Barrack Obama would survive the show but it was touch and go. Word is he had a mild cough and a runny nose the danger was very real. If Obama did not survive, Hillary was to be called in as a replacement which clearly worked so well in the first attempt.

We here in DogFacePonia know what an impact this show can have. The Russia-Gate scandal was completely made up and won awards. After dealing with Joe Biden as his Vice president for 8 years Barrack Obama clearly deserves some kind of award. Maybe another Nobel Mostly Peaceful Prize, Grammy or his first Oscar. Jen Psaki is trying to upstage Obama by getting Covid twice but found no takers for her reality documentary tentatively named Circling Back or Circling the Drain. DogFacePonia is considering our own documentary how I survived Obama but it seems many have blocked out those years. Some appear to be having deja-vu moments when paying for gasoline, we are however confident that the Men-In-Black still have the flashing thingy to let sheep know it is all Putin’s fault.

Image From: “Barack Obama – The Mask” (CC BY 2.0) by DonkeyHotey