Democrats New Plan “Let’s Circle Back, Orange Bad”

Jen Psaki with John Kerry

Jen Psaki was asked if President Biden was going to watch the Impeachment.  She replied “Well, first, the president himself would tell you that we keep him pretty busy, and he has a full schedule this week.” The question is who is the we that keeps Biden busy.

Does he spend time in the basement in his replica of the oval office? Will he have a photo op where he signs more Executive Orders? Will he eat ice cream and bagels?

Jen says the President loves ice cream. Does he get information from Nancy Pelosi on where to buy ice cream? Does the White house (or Joe’s House in Wilmington?) have more than one freezer like Nancy’s freezers in California? We bet on Wilmington since joe went there to watch the SuperBowl.

What flavors do they stock for Joe? Vanilla ice cream is out just like Vanilla Ice has been since the nineties. Although Vanilla might be the best teammate as it mixes well with all different flavors but just like Tom Brady it is probably racist for being the best at something.

Chocolate matters and is good. Yet Orange sherbet is what Jen wants, but it’s out because it reminds Democrats of Orange man. If Orange man is bad, then so is Orange sherbet. Rainbow sherbet is only allowed if it has no orange included in the rainbow. Dairy Queen has red white and blue stars so we know it’s doable. However, it doesn’t have Black and brown so it is not diverse enough.

Still, we at DogFacePonia question how long Jen Psaki can last as press secretary. It’s the orange hair. Nancy is taking pity on her. She is setting her up with a colorist who will change her color to blonde or green or purple, anything but orange.

As always with Democrats it’s all about color but which color changes all the time. They will probably have to circle back. Just remember orange bad.

Image From: “Press Conference with Secretary of State” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by US Mission Geneva