Joe Biden Music Album

We here in Dogfaceponia have it on good authority, that part of the reason for Joe Biden’s extended stay in his basement is that he has been working on a music album.  The album is rumored to be set for release on Election day. We do not have anything at this time other than the song titles, but this is expected to be a big seller. Maybe even win a Grammy.

  1. Bro, you Aint Black
  2. Come On Man
  3. Black Predator
  4. Sniffing Blues
  5. 3-Letter Word J-O-B-S
  6. Creeping in my Basement
  7. I Don’t Work For You!
  8. Where am I? How did I Get here?
  9. Diversity
  10. Oh You know It, Even if I Forgot It
  11. Keep on Punching Junkie
  12. Poor Black Kids
  13. (Gonna Put Yall) Back In Chains

Another rumor is that Former President Barack Obama will be joining Joe Biden on a Secret track, this will be the only content in the album that is a cover. The song is expected to be a duet of, “Don’t Let Me Down.”

We here in Dogfaceponia will continue to try and get more details of this Legendary Album before it takes the world by storm.

Image By David Lienemann – White House (V011013DL-0556), Public Domain, Link