People consider using Stimulus Money as Toilet Paper

Dollar Bills on Toilet Paper Roll

As the Fed and Department of the Treasury continue to print money, some people are requesting the $1200 stimulus check be paid in all $1 bills. One Worker with the treasury department who requested anonymity said “The Fed has now printed close to $5 Trillion more dollars and this is on top of the huge debt we already had. I am expecting Hyper-inflation.”

At some point Toilet paper could be more expensive than just using the bills as Toilet paper.

Some have advocated a shift to a digital currency like bitcoin. However Bitcoin can’t be used as kindling or toilet paper in an emergency like paper currency.

We interviewed Bernie Sanders and he said “Each day we must strive to become more like a socialist country. This Stimulus is a step in the right direction”. Indeed, we are stuck in our homes fearing for our lives; there is a toilet paper shortage; and we expect hyper-inflation. We start to look more like Venezuela every day.

Image From : “roll of money” (CC BY 2.0) by frankieleon