Refund Reparations

Dogfaceponia is experiencing a massive takeover. Once well respected individuals are being asked to repay the government for compensation received police officers harmed saving people and risking their lives during the 9/11 attacks.

The charge was led by Nancy Pelosi, who said, “We need to take down these fake heros just like we need to take down all the statues of the founding racist fathers that owned salves.” We asked her for further comment but she was late for her Botox appointment. Before she left she reminded voters saying, “It is hard to keep up appearances and to donate to”. We are not sure what this meant.

CNN said, “We cannot believe we ever gave these police officers or their families money for risking their lives, they are just scum… just police officers.”

MSNBC said, “Why should we ever give to people doing their jobs when the government can pay more?” They followed it up by saying, “It is not like they lost their jobs.” The People in DogFacePonia are very confused by this response.

Fox said, “It is embarrassing how easy we forget these hero’s who went above and beyond and to now try to do a takeback, when we can not take back the ultimate sacrifice they gave.”

These events seem to have the people of DogFacePonia very upset, but Nancy Pelosi is such a truthful honest person we know she will do good by the people. OMG that Trump guy wants to respect police and let them try to create order! We cannot have a repulsive seed reminding us we are a nation of laws by the people for the people… Enforcing Laws is for the Elite to decide. Clearly, they are so much smarter. If you have any doubts about it, please visit Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez information on the internet to find out how much of a genius this bartender is. I mean I would take a Knee to her in any bar she danced on.

Police Chief Gascon and Recruit Officer by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, on Flickr

Police Chief Gascon and Recruit Officer” (CC BY 2.0) by Speaker Nancy Pelosi