Roommates? Who needs ’em Anyway?!

Raccoon in Garbage

Roommates? Who needs ’em anyway?! With all the crises going on today why would anyone want a roommate to jack it all up even more??? Sure it seems like a good idea save money, split the Rent.

Then they start ordering that cheap Chinese knockoff at half the price? Well besides helping fund a military machine run by a bunch of Godless, power hungry, quarantine happy fascists (wait, that also sounds reminiscent of a group in control of a District also in the East).

You’ll have to wait a year to receive it as it will get held up in port because only two guys are running the cranes to take the shipments off ship for a whole international port. Is that to prevent China from getting paid? Or is it Union (No offense to our DFP Union Friends)?

Let us not forget California, the other (communist) white meat. If your Trucking rig isn’t just “so” old and have certain “Green” specifications (We prefer Red, White and Blue), you aren’t even allowed to pick up and haul the goods. If you are working you must present your vaccine status (which could possibly violate the 4th Amendment). “Papers please”?

Speaking of white meat, the U.S. and China and possibly others are utilizing the faulty, as ‘not supposed to be used for testing if a person or animal is actually sick with a virus tests’, on pigs and chickens and apparently turkeys, too.

‘Screw your future Thanksgiving United States of Whatever!’ Says some Deep State Jack Boot. So killing whole flocks if one tests ‘Positive’ for a virus that has never been isolated, according to multiple FOIA request from State and Provincial Governments. Whoever thought being positive would be a death sentence? Hippies eat your hearts out!

Oh and forget about driving anywhere and cheap food and utilities as the cost of transportation of goods and going to work or even going on that Griswold inspired vacation that you have been planning for two years. As short lived energy independence, “Canceled” pipelines and the possible illegal removal and selling of oil reserves makes fuel look like a Ghost of Christmas past.

Don’t get us wrong, we are all for energy source(s) that don’t harm our environment. Until we get one that can actually power a modern Industrial nation house by itself, an automobile, or a whole city for more than a millisecond. Let’s not kid ourselves.

If Climate change was an existential threat where is the energy Manhattan project or even warp speed? They can find money to fund a war in Ukraine, make the highways less racist and a killer vaccine. Yet somehow there is nothing for Climate change that is said will destroy the planet? Give me a break.

They are just using it to try to get votes. Obiden is so afraid of the climate change and sea level rise that they both own property right next to the ocean.

Yet, now forget about roommates in this ever increasing environment of attack the regular Joe’s while the Uber Rich who follow the beat of the drum of the cracked crooks at the WEF, get richer. Because flock your rights, your property and your ability to have a roof, bed and a shower if you can’t afford the housing, utilities and food by yourself.

“You” don’t matter because a town (Shawnee), in Kansas banned roommates. Well their City Council, who may believe they are a town and have Uber authority like they are authorities in China, Don’t want you to have a roommate.

Thank you, we always hated waking up to week old pizza on the curb picked ottoman, dirty dishes in nooks and crannies we don’t want to talk about and the bathroom habits of certain Individuals who’ll remain nameless.

Yeah, ‘F’ those guys! Would rather live under and overpass or find a spot next to that racoon who always is glaring at you with accusing eyes. Than live with Roommates that devalue the property value. Then again we at Dogfaceponia prefer to be able to make our own choices.

As we look back to 2020, at least we can still get Toilet paper. That is unless the racoon takes it, we are watching that bugger. Though Filipinos be like “who needs T.P., just use a Tabo”, Or the Europeans tell us to get a Bidet not to be confused with Biden.

Image From: “Just checking the trash” (CC BY 2.0) by corsi photo