Shortages in DogFacePonia

Because of the Covid-19 virus, there has been a shortage of hand sanitizer.  To counteract that shortage, DogFacePony Soldiers are making homemade hand sanitizer whose major ingredients are Vodka and aloe. There has been a sharp rise in DWI among DogFacePony Soldiers both in vehicles and on ponies.  It is not immediately obvious if the reason is using the homemade sanitizer or if the people making it are toasting their ingenuity. 

The DogFace Ponies themselves have been using the hand sanitizer for liniment and are staggering around DogFacePonia.

Given the shortage of hand sanitizer, People were told by the CDC that extensive handwashing would reduce the transmission of the disease as well.  Stocking up on water was another suggestion. DogFace Pony Soldiers responded by saving bottles and barrels of water. Fox News and CNN supported the notion that showering multiple times a day while singing Happy Birthday would ward off the virus and evil spirits.   Fortunately, a judge has approved a settlement that will put “Happy Birthday to You” in the public domain.

The legislature in DogFacePonia is considering a law requiring the use of UberFlush. Until then everyone is strongly encouraged to use UberFlush.

The result has been a water shortage in many areas of the country.  On the positive side — sea level is slowly receding undermining climate change claims.

Image From: “Germ-X Hand Sanitizer” (Public Domain) by retithitmiqh