Smithsonian To Add Exhibit: Democrats Gone Wild

Joe Biden on Laptop

The Smithsonian Museum of America History is creating a new exhibit. It is expected to draw people far and wide and totally expose the Democrats (but not like spring break). This true and accurate portrait of the Democrat Party and it’s ideals is intended to solidify and explain the Biden Regime. It will reveal why they need to steal elections to protect the sheep. Don’t trust our word on it, just read the description below.

Unforgettable Behavior: Democrats of the United States (AKA Democrats Gone Wild)

Unforgettable Behavior brings together exceptional images recognized in connection to Biden Regime. The exhibit is owned and run by the Democrat National Committee.

Starting off – Erections in the Capital Building, the exhibition’s pictures reveal Peaceful Demonstrations. Their photo captions share important stories behind these images, including technical information and the challenges in capturing that perfect moment. The Exhibit will show comparative images explaining the difference between horrific acts of January 6 with people orderly walking through the capital building versus the cities burning in peace during the BLM riots.

The Exhibit will also feature Hunter Biden’s Laptop and Ashley Biden’s Diary. There will be loving behavioral images of the first crackhead son of a president and an intimate look at what it is like to be Child sniffer’s Daughter. Along with priceless art by Hunter himself, these are expected to inspire crackheads and sexaholics across the nation and the world. Hunter thought it was supposed to be like Girls Gone Wild which explains some of the pictures.

There will be a special section on how the main stream media decided what you needed to know and when. By conveying the beauty and fragility of the media, Unforgettable Behavior will inspire museumgoers. They can develop a deeper relationship with the Democrat Party that lovingly lies and treats them respectfully like sheep. This way they will not need to think for themselves any longer.

As a bonus Museum visitors of all ages will receive a certificate to pick up an extra mail-in ballots from their local DNC offices. Free crack pipe with a small sample of Fresh Fentanyl, straight from the border, to get you started. Free Cardboard housing and sidewalk space will also be available in San Francisco for a limited time, as well as a get out of jail free card.

We here in DogFacePonia believe this may explain why stealing elections and free stuff is so important for the sheep. No word yet whether Democrats can choose to just identify as sheep, but as always we will keep you posted.

Image From: The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons