The Let’s Go Veep Show

Madam Veep Beer

DogfacePonia Productions, Inc, is shopping around a reality show concept to all the major networks. The show is tentatively named Let’s Go Veep. Episodes will include a day in the life of a fictional Vice President for a fictional President named Brandon (no relation). So far the lead role has not been cast due to lack of interest. Only 28% of networks have shown interest in the show.

In one episode, the President refers to the Veep by the wrong name. This cannot bode well for her future. Her husband also forgot her name. So did the American People.

In a second episode, the Veep is put in charge of controlling the border  as border czar. To underscore her success, the administration sends the Veep to Europe to lend her considerable expertise to their migrant crisis. She is an expert on root causes after all. Poland also wants her help to construct a border wall.

A third episode could extol the Veep’s exceptional linguistic skills and she cackles. She is exceptional at saying “Let’s Go Brandon” in French, Spanish, Hindu, Ebonics and Southern US accents. The Administration felt it was so important for her to go to Europe that they scheduled a Cabinet meeting in her absence to underscore the importance of her trip.

In Episode four, The Veep is in the dog house for calling President Brandon a White Supremacist and a Rapist. She believes that is the reason for her difficult assignments. She is being set up for impeachment so that either a) The Speaker can be next in line for President or b) Impeach Brandon and actually be President.

The show is having try-outs for actors who will enthusiastically respond to the Vice President. One episode shows tryouts were a dismal failure. An episode on the voting legislation was dropped. There were not enough dead people in Congress to pass the Voting legislation. We reached out to Julia Louis-Dreyfus for the part of Veep but she said she had been there done that. Rumor has it there are already a drinking games around this show despite it not airing a single episode. Take a shot each time you hear a cackle.

DogFacePonia Productions is soliciting scripts for the final episode. Jimmy Hoffa thinks she should come for a visit along with the Chinese tennis star, Peng Shuai. The Veep could then walk off into the sunset, her cackle never to be heard again. The series plans to be be cancelled with a final display of Let’s GO Veep appearing on the screen.

Image From : “Madam Veep’s IPA” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Joe in DC