We don’t give a Rats Putin about Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with a large Red X

If we look back on it, The United States of America had a break up with Britain around 245 years ago. Back in 1776 we decided we had enough of King George and chanted “No Taxation without Representation”. We delivered the Declaration of Independence soon after and became a free nation. The British didn’t take it lying down and we had to fight for our freedom until the Peace of Paris in 1783. It was not the best breakup and the British even came back during the War of 1812. Sometimes Exes just can’t take a hint.

So here is the thing, I like British People. I consider the United Kingdom possibly the greatest ally of the USA. We have worked out our differences and have now gone our separate ways and remain friends. Certainly the British Government has impact on America and I support some but not all of what they do. In General, however, it is not the top of my priority list because I am American not British.

The Monarchy however doesn’t mean jack to me. We broke up get over it. They have no real power politically and are just a bunch of Hollywood-like crap. To make it worse they are supported by the taxes of the British people which rightfully pisses off most of my British friends. I don’t listen to Hollywood and I don’t listen to the Monarchy. I may have a ton of differences with Democrats but I think if we can agree on 1 thing it is we are not flaming Monarchists.

Oh look, a fairy tale marriage of Hollywood and the British Monarchy two things I absolutely despise. I’d rather watch Frozen 2. So why would I give 2 Rats Petunias about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Oh look a failed Actress married like 10th in line for the Throne. Queen Elizabeth was Queen for about 1000 years, so I am pretty sure Harry is never getting a shot unless there is some kind of crazy Nepalese rampage. Especially now they resigned royal duties.

Now Princess Meghan (or Duchess or whatever the crap) wants to talk about our politics over and over? Is she even American? She is some kind of Canadian, British, American doesn’t matter. Go back to anywhere else we don’t want you and never did. You want to hear a good joke? Meghan and Harry did something that mattered. I have been trying to think of things I care less about than Meghan Markle the only thing I came up with was Lebron’s feelings.

As part of our new “Ask Dogfaceponia” someone asked us what we think If Meghan and Harry so here you are. Feel free to send questions to dogfaceponia@gmail.com. Some have said this article is just a huge waste of time. I guess I can’t blame them. But maybe this and every July 4th we can celebrate our freedom, reject any kind of royal malarkey and reject anything Oprah.

Image From: “LNOF Royalty Free Harry and Meghan Sage” (CC BY 2.0) by LNOF_