Who Really Won the Georgia Senate Election

Mule Ride in Georgia

While Elections, particularly in the Western States, have taken forever to count, at times, determining the winners has been difficult. Identifying the loser on the other hand is easy. It is all of us. A close race in the Senate in the state of Georgia in a repeat of 2020 is going to a runoff. However, the true winner of the race has already been revealed, it is the Mules.

DogFacePonia deepcover agents were able to land secret interviews with several mules to get their feelings on their hard-fought victory. We have kept their true names a secret to protect them. We will refer to them as Tommy, Gina and Unicornia. What can we say? They picked their own secret names.

We asked all 3 Mules how they felt about their win.

Tommy: “Man I am just trying to feed my family. You know everything seems to cost more these days. This guy tells me if I collect them envelopes and put them in a mailbox that he will give me $5 per envelope. I am like heck yeah. At first, he told me it was done November 8th. Now he says he has more work for me until December 6th. It’s like Christmas come early.”

Gina: “Reverend Warnock taught me to hate White People! And even though Walker is black he is still White because of Trump. Kemp also made it way harder to drop these off then in 2020 by passing his anti-mule, I mean anti-voting laws. White-Supremacy and Vote Suppression if you ask me.”

Unicornia: “Democracy is on the ballot I need to help save Democracy any way I can. That is also why I voted for Fetterman and Biden in this Election.” We asked, ” You do know this is Georgia, right?” It responded “Right, that is why I am helping get as many votes as possible for Fetterman. I love him; he truly represents me”

We at DogFacePonia wondered Is It possible for the Mules to win the Run-off? Maybe if neither one gets 50% again, this would be hard, but I suppose there could be blank ballot submissions. Also, possibly a tie? Could we have a 2nd Run-off election in either scenario! A tie breaker for the tie breaker. We find these unlikely but more likely the Democrats will need days to change the numbers. Which might allow the mules more time to get paid.

Regardless of any of this Walker and Warnock will run millions in Ads so Ad Agencies, TV, Radio and mail service all win. After taking all this into account we at DogFacePonia have discovered the real winners and it sure isn’t America.

Image From: “something you don’t see much anymore …” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Vicki’s Nature