Biden Automatic Teleprompter Plan 2.0

Biden With Teleprompter

Joe Biden successfully used a Teleprompter to get elected president or at least that is what we are told. He avoided questions, events and pretty much let the teleprompter do the talking. Apparently, the Teleprompter got 80 million votes. Now with Biden in office the next phase of the plan has been enacted.

Biden Automatic Teleprompter plan 2.0 (AKA BATPLAN Returns):

  • It’s Donald Trump’s fault. All Joe has to do is fill in the blank. Ukraine, Cancer, 911, covid, energy, climate change, cow farts, riots, Sharknados. It works for anything.
  • Oil Slicks
  • Donald Trump lies. People believe it even when it is not supported by facts.
  • Donald Trump stole Nuclear Documents. Come on Man, you will need more than an AR-15.
  • Please move the teleprompter closer or speak louder in my ear piece. There’s only 5 people here and they won’t leak.
  • Where am I? What Time is It? It doesn’t matter pick a place the media will cover for you.
  • MAGA is a threat to Democracy, wait I thought that was me.
  • Come On, Man. Are you on drugs?
  • We follow the science. Whose science is not clear, but clearly MAGA doesn’t follow it. Just say science is the opposite of whatever Trump says.
  • The virus was from Russia. Why not? Just like the Atlantic, we can produce a whistleblower for anything related to Russia. Ukraine needs our money to fight Russia.
  • Covid vaccines are working exactly as they were planned to.
  • Paxlovid is the best. I only got Covid 3 times.
  • Challenging the Election results is Anti-American. – In 2016 is was ok.
  • Hunter Biden is the smartest Man I have ever known. Wait I wasn’t supposed to say that.
  • Avoid Questions in any way possible

That plan appears to be working. Joe’s poll numbers are up from the bottom. Either that or Kamala basically being removed from everything is helping. We do know Russia has bats and apparently so does Joe. Someone or something is bat feces crazy but it’s 2020s so it’s normal. Just like 8% inflation and $4 gas it’s all normal. Build Back Better?

Marc Nozell from Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons