Biden gets Covid then Spanks Hunter for Not Wearing his Mask.

Joe Biden and maskless Reptilian

Joe Biden recently got Covid just after a trip to the Middle East. On this trip he shook hands, fist pumped and spent a lot of quality time unmasked with leaders from Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Saudi Arabia. We don’t know whether he got Covid on the trip or if he just brought it with him to share with these leaders. We assume he got it in Israel the most vaccinated country in the world by percentages. I am sure it will totally convince Saudi Arabia to give us more Oil now that Joe has infected the King with Covid.

This of course is a shining example of Biden and other Democrats “do as I say not as I do policies”. Biden had said he would not shake hands and immediately starting doing so. This wouldn’t and shouldn’t be news if not for the hypocrisy of the administration.

If all this is not enough, DogFacePonia deep cover Agent Rey Rey Rodriguez has secretly captured an image of Biden spanking his son for not wearing a mask. Well I guess Rey Rey is no longer a Deep Cover Agent we just gave up his identity. Speaking of which we haven’t heard from him since we received the picture. We hope he is ok and evades capture. If he is captured, we hope they don’t go to the Mind of Rey Rey Rodriguez for ideas on what to do to him. The good news is it is not the Clintons. If it was he would already have died either in a plan crash, suicide or his camera would have exploded in a strange accident. Thoughts and Prayers for Rey Rey.

As for Joe, we guess he is taking some Ivermectin. He will be working through the infection and the fallout it from his superspreading trip. This is Infectious Diplomacy at it’s best.

Image From: Rey Rey Rodriguez -Photographer Captures Biden Spanking Son in Reptilian Form For Not Wearing Mask