DogFacePonia Declares Joe Biden a Health Emergency

Joe takes off Mask

In April, Biden had said that he has asthma and 80% of the people he grew up with have asthma, for the same reason, oil slicks on windshields in Delaware. He remembers his mother driving him to school after frost was on the car windows and windshield wipers smeared the oil in the frost.

While delivering a speech about climate change in Somerset, Massachusetts, on Wednesday 7/20/22, Pressident Biden said that environmental pollution during his childhood was so widespread that people needed to wipe oil off of car windshields to be able to drive. That’s why I, and so damn many other people I grew up with, have cancer and that Delaware used to have the “highest cancer rate in the nation.” Does Delaware also have a high percentage of bike accidents due to oil slicks? Only Joe knows for sure and he has forgotten.

Tucker Carlson has mocked President Joe Biden for saying that he contracted cancer due to pollution heavy enough to cause a windshield “oil slick” during his childhood in Delaware.

Recently Joe got Covid which we assume he thinks he got from the oil slicks as well. He, after all, had two shots and two boosters, wore a mask and social distanced. So, what other explanation could there be? The Secret Service could ban presidential travel to Delaware except to the basement of his home. There he is clearly protected enough by a high end ventilation system and there are no oil slicks.

It remains difficult to understand why Dr. Jill Biden went to Delaware while Joe has Covid. Does she also have asthma and cancer? Is she now at risk for Covid, Dementia and bike accidents?

In other news: Paxlovid are not soaring in Delaware, but it’s ok the government already paid for it. Paul Pelosi has been buying Merck stock. Does this tell you what you need to know.

As a result of all this DogFacePonia has declared Biden is a public health emergency. Joe touts the effectiveness of a vaccine that didn’t stop him from catching Covid, takes Paxlovid that has given him multiple rounds of Covid. His CDC announced Monkey Pox is a public health emergency. This despite few, who has not gone to a rave, being infected and very few dying. How soon until Joe gets Pony Pox?

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Image From: “President Biden” (CC BY 2.0) by nordique