The Diversity of Jill Biden’s Tacos

Taco Sniffer Dogs

Taco expert Doctor Jill Biden knows alot about the diversity of Tacos. Hunter told her to do what he always does. Get involved with a business she knows nothing about and get rich. Just make sure you pay the big guy his 10%. When President Lopez-Obrador was at the White House, Dr. Jill Biden was put in charge of planning a state taco dinner. It was such a success she has been named the United States Taco Czar. Here are some of her specialty tacos:

Taco Menu

  • Abstinence Taco – Let’s just say this Taco gets lonely and never comes with a Mini-Taco.
  • Dysphoria Taco – We are not even sure if this counts as a Taco and the ingredients are just as much of mystery to the person making it as the person eating it.
  • Oops I got drunk taco (oops I did it again)
  • Coyote Ugly – all we know is you are likely to regret this Taco in the morning.
  • Border Jumper – A wide Open Taco with extra added Fentanyl.
  • LBTQX+ – What Taco do you identify as?
  • Tex Mex – Get this while you can. It might soon be deported.
  • Planned Parenthood – Only available in some states. To get this Taco you must sacrifice your mini Taco.
  • Condom Taco – The ingredients of this Taco are protected.
  • BLM Taco – This Taco is burnt to a crisp in honor of peaceful protesting, all sales proceeds will be donated to buy a new mansion for BLM leadership.
  • Sniffer – This a a very young Taco and Joe Biden was seen sniffing it.
  • It wasn’t me taco – A Joe Biden special also called the Putin taco.
  • I needed more snap money taco – You must make your own taco because premade food is not eligible for snap.
  • If I have a mini-taco, I can be a citizen taco.
  • Plan B Taco – In order to increase sales Pfizer has released the Plan B Taco. This Taco will clean your whole system out including any mini tacos.
  • Hunter Biden Taco – This Taco is full of shit and fills you up so much you feel empty. Still Joe Biden swears it is the best Taco ever. Did you ever do a lap dance with a taco?
  • Trans Taco – This Taco is a surprise you really don’t know what you are going to get. You may get a burrito.
  • Gutfeld Taco – you need to watch him on Fox to understand
  • STD – This is a taco you don’t want to get so be careful.
  • Almost Murdered Taco – This Taco is a to die for but stupid people swear by it.
  • The Toobin Taco – This Taco comes with special sauce.
  • The Bidenflation Taco – By the time you order it the price will go up.                        

We here at DogFacePonia think this is quite the menu. We are still trying to figure Jill Biden out. She is stupid but not as stupid a Joe. She is a con but not quite the con that Hunter is. Hunter says she is entitled runt. So I guess you fits in with the Biden Family doing and saying whatever she wants.

Image From: “Taco Sniffing” (CC BY 2.0) by Mike Licht,