What am I?

Question Cake

Dear DogFacePonia,

I am lost. What am I? I had children so I am a birthing parent? But I am past child bearing age so what am I? I must be a no longer able to be birthing  parent or nonparent. And what about women who don’t have children? Are they nonbirthing nonparents? 

AOC tried to clear all this and more up by referring to some people as nonmenstruating or menstruating people. All older people would then be nonmenstruating birthing parents or nonbirthing parents. This can save people from injury and death because gender reveal parties will no longer be held. All babies are born nonmenstruating nonbirthing nonparents. The confusion comes later.

So what happens when you are old? Someone said I am an expendable former birthing parent. My nonbirthing parent partner can continue to be a nonbirthing parent. From cradle to grave, some people (males) without children are nonbirthing nonparents.

It’s so confusing. What are adoptive mothers? Are they menstruating nonbirthing parents or what? How about people formerly known as women who have hysterectomies or early menopause? Are they nonmenstruating nonbirthing people

What do we call younger people? What to call LGBTQI is even more problematic.


CNN watching confused person or something

Dear CNN watching confused person or something,

We at DogFacePonia are confused as well. We were taught there is Male and Female. But we do know what you are. You are a deplorable dogfaced pony!! Turn off CNN and the rest of the Main Stream Media and join us on the pony side.


Mary Unicorn

Image From: “Gender Reveal Party” (CC BY 2.0) by jmlawlor