AOC Almost Murdered Again! By Her Own Choices!

AOC Flower Halo

Today AOC let us know Florida is responsible for almost murder, by not having a mask requirement. We still have yet to find any hard evidence of the laws for almost murder, but we are certain AOC has a solid understanding of it.

AOC went on to explain how she is a law abiding citizen and because Florida does not require a mask her only option was to go without a mask during her vacation to Florida. Using her expert legal knowledge that may even overshadow her economics degree, AOC said she is considering legal action against Florida to protect all the people in Florida.

The Evidence of Almost Murder

With any luck AOC will start speaking on the economics of how money grows on trees so we can all benefit from her incredible knowledge of the world. We are still more excited to see forthcoming legal analysis by AOC. It seems AOC may have more knowledge about everything than even she can imagine.

Clearly AOC has the amazing knowledge that can only come from a Rocket Science Mixologist, aka Venusian Bartender. She supports green policy so her money tree can continue to bloom. If only we could all realize how these Multi-Trillion Dollar ideas cost nothing. Possibly we could all just get our hands on a money tree.

In the end we hope that everyone could use the brain that God gave them. They could then follow the science and recognize nothing is free, the Green New Deal is silliness, money does not grow on trees and almost murder is not a real thing. The solution may be to consider testing our Representatives for psychological disorders. While we are at it we could always test Brandon too.

We here in DogFacePonia consulted some of our experts about AOC. They told us that AOC may only have one major incurable disorder. You Can’t Fix Stupid.

Image From: “AOC” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by MDC-EPC