Fauci Gets Monkey Pox at Cuomo Rave

Sick Monkey

In breaking news after 4 Covid vaccines, 2 Monkey Pox vaccines and 2 rounds of Paxlovid. Anthony Fauci has developed Monkey Pox (or is it Donkey Pox). He has reported a few days back he attended game night with his friends the Cuomo Brothers. At game night, they played their favorite game Pandemic. We have no word if the Cuomo Brothers are infected.

What we have learned is that no matter how many vaccines you get you can still get Covid. We also know that Paxlovid is about as effective at spreading Covid as the Pfizer Vaccine.

The Media That Cried Pox

The Media will no doubt continue to try to scare you with celebrity Covid infections and new strains of Monkey Pox. To us it’s like the story of the them who cried monkey or a donkey pox upon your house. This fairy tale is similar to the classic boy who cried wolf with significant differences. First of course, it’s not a boy but a non-binary whatever and not a wolf but a monkey. The Media called Covid this terrible pandemic and it wasn’t. They said we had to elect Biden because Trump bad. It would fix everything and well look around. Not to mention continuous calls of racism, misogynistic, anti-LGBTQ, xenophobia and on and on.

Now the media want us all to believe Paxlovid works; just count the number of vaccines and take that many doses. Oh and Monkey Pox is going to kill us all. We at Dogfaceponia heard almost nobody that didn’t attend a LGBTQ+ rave and behave promiscuously has gotten it. That said we all do feel we have been at a giant Pride rave for the whole month of June. The good news is that so far you can’t get Monkey Pox from a rainbow, a unicorn, or a corporate logo designed to include either of them. To be safe you might want to check yourself for pox anyways. Some good news is that even though Monkey Pox is unpleasant most people got over it in a few days and there have been no deaths. We can’t say the same for the Covid Vaccine. Though we are not doctors, we do not recommend a monkey pox vaccine nor do we recommend attending raves.

Image From: “Bleh!” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by devopstom