Fauci Takes Lead from Cuomo in Pandemic Board Game

Pandemic Board Game

Some time in November of 2019 Fauci and the Cuomos got together for Board game night. They had been getting together since the Cuomos were young. This time Fauci brought his favorite game Pandemic. Fauci joked “We should play this in real life the next time a good virus comes around.”

Andrew responded “Yeah we would have to get everyone all excited about it but making it an imment threat to humanity. Like the game” He continued “we will need to push the numbers up then save humaity to make us heroes. That could really help my reelection plans”.

Chris then said “You really might need to get the media involved to make sure the public is truly afraid.”

So it was then agreed the game would start at the next opportunity. They would roll the dice on our health for fun and fame. They even had a bet on who would win.

Andrew had the early lead by spreading COVID to nursing homes and causing huge numbers of the elderly to parish. In recent days, we learned Fauci and Chris have gained a number of points that were previously unknown. Fauci really got the Panic going with his flip flopping, Wuhan denial and HCQ discrediting. Meanwhile, Chirs got points for using the media against them people and assisting the others.

Those keeping score are saying Fauci now has the lead. Cuomo has the lead in sexual assaults but that is a different game he is playing.

Someone forgot to tell them that Pandemic is supposed a cooperative game to stop the Pandemic and save humanity. Not play games with people’s lives.

Image From: “PANDEMIC” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by romana klee