Increased Crime Wins Election in New York and Illinois

New York City Antifa Sticker on Pole

Citizens (as well as some dead people and illegal aliens) in Illinois and New York went out to the polls and voted on Tuesday. The results showed that Increased Crime soundly won the election.

In New York, Kathy Hochul won despite increasing crime all over the state. This is particularly true in New York City where October was reported as a good month with only 5.9% crime increase over last year. Hochul managed to convince voters that their Kia wasn’t actually stolen. Hochul called crime a Right-wing conspiracy. It also has been said we should expect election violence which has been nonexistent. This is except for the attempted assassination of her opponent Lee Zeldin which doesn’t really count.

We asked a few New York crime voters for their thoughts.

  • Voter 1 said “I actually voted against crime when I voted for Abortion Rights. Can you imagine how many more crimes there would be if Abortion counted as Murder?”
  • Voter 2 said “My Kia didn’t get stolen it was just a test drive. I got it back with the bumper smashed a bit but no big deal.”
  • Voter 3 said “I only got shot at 3 times this week no big deal. There was an insurrection on January 6th and I voted for Democrats because that is what MSNBC told me to do.”

    In Illinois, the Democratic dominated legislator passed a no bail law earlier this year. Many Mayors and police leaders throughout the state called it dangerous to public health. As a result of this Illinois voters asked for more by electing Democrats. Re-elected Govenor J. D. Pritzker said it would decrease crime. This even though there is no indication that it would do so, and similar laws have only caused crime to increase.

    In Illinois increased taxes also won the Election. An Amendment to the Illinois Constitution added worker protections for Illinois government workers. These workers clearly needed more protections as they previously only had huge pensions which threaten to bankrupt the state. As per usual law-abiding middle-class citizens lost the election.

    Image From: “NYC 2013” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Paul de Gregorio