The Fetterstein Monster

John Fetterman with Ice Cream

Mental disorders are a problem in America. The numbers show they are on the rise. Certainly, we could talk facts likes teen suicide rates increasing or maybe those who have sex reassignment could have some regrets. Possibility the COVID lockdowns, masks, vaccines and social distancing have taken their toll. Ironically, the WHO organization says depression and anxiety increased by 25% as a result of Covid. Maybe those lockdowns impacted mental health but what do we know. So, what is being done about all this?

The Mouth of Madness

In the 1994 there was a horror film called In the Mouth of Madness which kind of reminds me of what we are seeing these days. Only we are more likely In the Mouth of Dumbasses. If you haven’t seen the film, I apologize for any spoiler here. It has been out since 1994, however, so you have had plenty of time. The film essentially follows an investigator that is looking into the disappearance of a horror writer. All the while people around him are going more and more insane. They are all losing touch with reality. In the end he is locked up in the asylum because he is the only sane person left. All the while we are left as the viewers to determine what really happened. Did he go crazy or was it the whole world?

This is basically the kind of phycological game that is being played on all of us. Call it Mass Formation Psychosis if that formalizes it for you. We are told boys can be girls and if you disagree you are transphobic. We are told you can identify as anything you want. Someone can be it a cat or a unicorn, whatever. We are told if we affirm these people, it is totally better. It you don’t agree, you are the crazy one. The best way to fix crime is defund the police. Just ignore the border and it will be more secure than ever. We are told Trump lost the election. This after Biden magically got all the right votes in all the right places in the middle of the night to win several states, he was losing in. Don’t question it you election denier. The inflation is transitionary. Gas Prices are Putin’s and Saudi Arabia’s Fault. Then they say are not sure what to do with the Nuclear Armageddon they are stirring up. None of this matters if we are all dead but whatever you do, they tell you to vote blue. All the while you, the sane one, are being discredited. Are you feeling a bit crazy yet? Nothing widespread.

A Horror Story

We here in DogFacePonia definitely see this as a horror film. We have the Biden Family which is something out of the Adams Family or the Munsters. A family of dumbasses. Where Uncle Biden farted, and they all became perverted. There’s Nancy Undead TDS Pelosi. It also stars Fetterstein’s Monster, he looks and dresses like a thug and will chase you with a shotgun. That was before the stroke. Not only that but he looks a bit like something shocked him back to life. The real Frankenstein’s Monster was way more articulate. This is the best the Democrats have in Pennsylvania which sort of sounds like Transylvania. It sure as heck feels like “Trans”-ylvania to me. Their one weakness of these monsters might be they all love ice cream. Fetterstein likes Rocky Road. Remember they will call you are the hateful, bigoted, deplorable, MAGA Terrorist, Chump if you vote for Republicans. Let’s all hope this horror story comes to an end soon.

Disclaimer: DogFacePonia is a Satire Website. Anything said It is not intended to be taken as Medical Advice or as Reliable Truth. If you have questions on treatments or mental illness, we recommend you contact your doctor or other medical professionals for more information. Nobody at DogFacePonia is a doctor, this is for Entertainment Purposes Only. See our About Page for More Information.

Governor Tom Wolf from Harrisburg, PA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons