Afterlife Voting: Pay Now, Vote Later

I couldn’t believe the ad I was seeing!!!
Afterlife Voting Insurance, pay now, vote later for the 2024 Presidential Elections!

The ad said “Protect your legacy and make sure your vote counts even if you are not here. Afterlife Voting will keep you on the roles in any state and cast a vote for you. We can Ensure that your children and Grandchildren live in a country run the way you would have wanted. Prices vary depending on state and how many years after your death you want to vote. Democrats only at this time.

I almost spit my coffee all over my iPad (sorry Newspapers aren’t really a thing anymore), was this ad for real?

I pondered this aloud and a dog face pony soldier overheard me, which was weird because I was still at home in my kitchen and no one else was supposed to be there.

He kindly posed my question with a hypothetical.

‘Dead people have been voting for at least a hundred years in Democratic controlled cities. It is so common, that one would think the Republican Party would consider an Afterlife Voter Outreach, don’t you?’

I pondered this sipping my now luke warm Colombian gold.

Thinking to myself; But why not, Esurance has offered Election Insurance in case you want to leave the country for 4 years. Maybe we can have package rates. Voting in multiple states is expensive but can also be arranged at a cost.

I then responded, ‘I think you’ve got a point, isn’t something done over and over again become valid, once it is accepted that it happens anyway?’

But then I noticed the DFP Soldier had slipped out, and with my coffee!

Must’ve been a Lying Dog Face Pony Soldier, darn it all!

Yet I think he had a point, since seeing the Afterlife Voting ad, I suspect he was on to something there!!!

Image From: “Insurance” (CC BY 2.0) by free pictures of money