Ain’t No Black Friday

Maga Rally with Let's Go Brandon Sign

Fauci, like last year, is trying to cancel Thanksgiving. Black Friday may be called off as the Biden Administration does it’s best to destroy the supply chain. Even if there is anything to buy, it will surely cost more as Bidenflation goes up. Last Year in DogFacePonia we created a new holiday, Ain’t Black Friday. We plan to celebrate it with you again this year.

This holiday celebrates anti-liberalism and a break from consumerism. Most importantly, it celebrates Americans who opened their eyes and voted against Joe Biden, Super Friend of the KKK. Joe still believes anyone who doesn’t or didn’t vote for him Ain’t Black. It seems most of Virginia including soon to be Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears Ain’t Black. CNN calls Winsome Sears and Larry Elder the Black Faces of White Supremacy. It is all very confusing are they black or not?

The truth may be a mix as they Ain’t Black faces of White Supremacy. Biden for his part has expanded his views and now believes if you don’t follow his vaccine mandate you also Ain’t Black. We can’t say the same for Biden’s pants though they might be more brown.

Strangely, people don’t like Joe controlling their blackness or medical choices. In this modern day Tuskegee, many Ain’t Black Leaders are stepping up to say Let’s go Brandon. Ain’t Black rappers Loza Alexander and Bryson Gray have some top songs on Itunes. This is all very helpful because with all the supply chain issues you might not be able to get presents. For the time being, you can still get songs on Itunes. Merrick Garland may be starting an investigation into Let’s Go Brandon songs any day now, so get them while you can. This will be some good music for your Ain’t Black Friday parties.

Some top Athletes like Kyrie Irving and Floyd Mayweather have joined the club. It’s gonna be one heck of a party. Twenty thousand New York City workers have been placed on leave and almost certainly will be rocking some Let’s go Brandon chant of their own. This time the Police are on the same side as the protesters. You see, Biden can bring unity after all.

We at DogFacePonia recommend you enjoy your Holidays. Focus on caring for your family. Avoid the stores. There is nothing to buy thanks to the Biden Administration. Though, I hear you can still get a MyPillow because it is made in America. Have a Happy Ain’t Black Friday!

Image From: “No Mandate March to Hudson Yards” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by pameladrew212