AOC Goya Employee of the Month

AOC with Communist China Flag

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez received the coveted Employee of the Month award from Goya Foods. She was single-handedly able to increase sales by 1000% by calling for a boycott of Goya. She is hoping to solidify her standing. She wants to receive the Goya Foods Employee of the Year award.

It seems like anything she doesn’t touch goes great. This may explain why the House of Representatives is Terrible. AOC has refused to join Parler and it is growing like crazy as a result. It would do even better if she calle for a boycott.

AOC demonstrated her expertise in marketing and economics. Other companies are clambering for her assistance in marketing their products. Restaurants are begging her to bartend if they were allowed to open.   Her economic degree was absolutely priceless. She is a savant for certain.

Appeals are coming in from all over. Hoping to be boycotted by AOC, they suggest that they love Trump and that the election was stolen. Nothing could be better for business than to be Cancelled by AOC said one CEO.

“Most Conservatives have more money because they don’t really go on Federal Programs and they actually work. For this reason, Boycotts from AOC on the left doesn’t impact the bottom line and the free press really helps. People living in their parents basement, don’t spend a lot. This is because they lost their job at the restaurant after the left wing Governor they voted for shut it down.” said Robert Unanue, Goya CEO.

The FBI and CIA are carefully surveilling AOC to determine if she is on the payroll of the Chinese like many other Congressional members (Swalwell). Is AOC preparing a boycott in support of Chinese interests? It’s a perfect plan. She can boycott Chinese products in order to improve sales. It’s a win-win. AOC will appear to be a patriot while actually helping China with sales.