AOC Coming for Your Burger and Your Holiday

A reality check shows that Trump’s policies encouraging domestic energy production created jobs, strengthened our economy, and reduced the amount of money we must spend to import energy from other nations – including some hostile to our interests. Clearly, Trump deserves to be kept out of office! How many indictments will it take to accomplish that?

This has to be stopped says AOC. The Green New Deal policies would require massive regulation of how we live our lives, massive tax increases to raise trillions of dollars to implement and enforce these regulations, massive growth of government, and massive price increases on the products we rely on. This is a future we can rely on. No gas cars, stoves, or water heaters Halleluiah! No beef, stone-fired pizza, and only two beers a week. Praise the deep state!

Stealing a 1928 presidential campaign statement, AOC wants a chicken in every pot.. not a steak. As they say, the past is prologue. Prosperity means having the pleasure of good food in sufficient quantity (not beef because of cow flatulence). Cows everywhere are grateful for the lives saved by AOC. No more soda because carbonation causes increased farting as well. TaB drinkers take to the streets in protest! Gas masks are suggested.

A commonly cited slogan of progress by a Republican Party flier on behalf of the 1928 campaign included a full garage (2 cars). The irresponsible Republican party of 1928 is to be blamed for climate change says AOC. Now a full garage should be for storage and bicycles. You could also make money renting out storage space (make money; no labor involved).

Right To Not Work

AOC supports the right not to work. Banning beef would have saved many meatpackers from COVID-19. Clearly, they have the right not to work. AOC also saved workers from exploitation by Amazon by getting Amazon not to build in her district.

AOC wants to protect women from labor and thus supports eliminating sex and providing free abortion for accidental pregnancies to save them.

So you see AOC is on your side and your right not to work. Eliminate Labor Day which is a Racist, Sexist, anti-cow holiday. She suggests instead a Right Not to Work Holiday.

Make no mistake AOC is coming to take away labor and your burger!

Image From: “Cows in the road” (Public Domain) by John K Thorne

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