Biden Basement Renovation at White House

The rush is on.  The White House is disinfecting the entire place to make the Bidens safe when they move them in.  The Bidens will be moved in right after the inauguration. 

There is a unique need that Joe Biden has though.  A replica is being created of Joe’s basement in Wilmington. Joe needs a place to go to recharge and feel at home.  He also feels that the basement got him into the White House and can continue his approach to communication with the world. We at Dogfaceponia are unsure if refusing to answer any questions or revealing any plans will work for the “Not My” President. However, CNN probably won’t ask him anything hard for at least 100 days if ever.

Biden talked of “Build Back Better” he is starting with the basement. Most of the business and people will be in the celler under his leadership after all. The reclusive Joe will have a TV studio and teleprompter set up so he can speak to the American people relatively gaffe proof. In a year from now, Joe will list renovating the White House as his greatest achievement is 48 years in Government.

This is a positive for Republicans since Joe will not be fully functioning as President without the basement.  He plans to mostly use or cancel previously developed executive actions until the basement is completed.

There is a collective sigh of relief that Kamala doesn’t have a basement that must be replicated in order to have the government run smoothly. She is however refusing to move into the Vice President’s residence until needed repairs are made. The only one mentioned was to have a liner put in the chimney. This seems to be the wrong season for that as Santa doesn’t come until December. She also has demanded a full stock of toilet paper.

Image From: “The White House” (CC BY 2.0) by Kathleen Tyler Conklin