Big Ben to Go Digital

Big Ben Restored

The British Economy is in trouble. Elizabeth Truss’s poppycock stimulus plan in the middle of inflation turned the pound to total rubbish. Now it seems there will be a new PM every fortnight. The newest PM Rishi Sunak is straight from the WEF. With inflation reaching toward insanity, it seems the best move is to waste more money renovating Big Ben to make it a digital clock. The last renovation was completed earlier this year for a mere 80 Million quid.

The new renovation is set to begin any day now. The new clock will have a digital display. This is because most young people no longer know how to read an analog clock, let along one with roman gothic numerals. It may not matter as everyone has a clock on their phone. Some have suggested they add a national debt clock as well. That way Big Ben will be like a fit bit. It will show the fitness of the nation as the debt grows larger in pounds. Americans will understand as they weigh themselves in pounds instead of kilograms like every other civilized country on earth.

King Charles has given his full support to this bollocks. The woke King is trying to make friends with the younger generation. Excepting anyone who actually works for him. Of course, a new clock doesn’t help pay the bills. Also, the King’s environmentalism will not stop people from freezing to death, because they can’t afford gas. The King could help by paying taxes but instead he will continue to be the richest welfare recipient in the world.

We here is DogFacePonia may sound like Americans writing a story about the British (which we are). America takes a lot of good from our British ancestry. Importantly, the freedom mindset is largely a creation of that history. Right now, we all seem to be in danger of losing that freedom to the way our countries are being run.

Image from: “The Great Clock following restoration –” (CC BY 2.0) by ketrin1407