Can Taylor Swift Back Go Back to the Bleachers?

Taylor Swift at MTV Music Awards

Opinion – It seems these days Taylor Swift is everywhere. During Christmas people set up Merry Swiftmas displays. At the Grammys, she won Album of the Year for the 4th time. On yeah and her boyfriend is playing in the Superbowl. She is the most commercial thing about Christmas and the biggest distraction in the NFL. It’s like a mixture of Colin Kaepernick and Santa Claus. That is quite the image, sorry if you can’t get it out of your head.

Swift seems to have brought her Trouble to nearly every genre of music. Our favorite is the robotic voice songs. Next, maybe she will go for Rap. What would we call it? T(aylor) rap or maybe she could go to her roots and it could be C(country) rap. Either way, imagine how Kanye would react if she won Rap Album of the Year. I might watch the Grammys for that. Then again probably not.

It would be easy to blame this on Swift. Call her a sellout or say her music is terrible or something like that. None of that however is true. Like it or not, she is a talented savvy businesswoman. She has amassed a fortune and not turned entirely trashy. No, she is not the reason for the Teardrops on My Guitar. Instead, a mixture of the entire music industry and streaming is to blame. Let us explain.

The Blurred Lines

In 2015 Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams lost 5 million Dollars to Marvin Gaye’s family for copyright infringement. This sent shockwaves through the music industry. There was a lot of music out there; frankly, much of it sounds alike. The combination of this and the ease of streaming single songs from virtually any artist in seconds have radically changed how money in music is spent. Instead of investing in the next big thing they are spending $550 Million on Bruce Springsteen Catalog. I don’t even remember the last time I listened to Bruce Springsteen. If that is not enough they paid 1.2 Billion for Michael Jackson. What about Michael Bolton? For now, do don’t know.

But why all this? This is so music producers can all sue each other in court with their catalogs. They can at least make deals with the power of their property and rake in money from streaming. Disney has fought for years to keep Steamboat Willie from going to the Public Domain. I guess music will hope to hold on long after artists are dead. As a result, new music gets virtually no money unless it is a guarantee. Taylor Swift is that guarantee. This is part of the reason why she never goes out of Style.

Do we believe she is a generational talent that deserves to be awarded 4 Albums of the Year? No, but then I don’t care at all about Grammys so it doesn’t matter. Ever since football became a kneelathon we stopped watching and I am sure we are not alone. Just when we needed Football during Covid. It turned on us. Now they want the fans back. Football just wants a black QB to win in Black History Month. Remember when Tom Brady was racist for winning in the wrong month? It’s been quite a while since it was in another month. They also want to have Taylor Swift on the winning side. Though many would have thought Taylor would date a QB it does make sense she didn’t as she is the QB.


Kelse on the other hand might want to watch out. Somebody forgot to tell him Karma is her boyfriend. She has a lot of Bad Blood with all her old Romeros. That and we have to wonder if the Karma from all those booster shoots and promoting Pfizer might come back. We do wish him the best and although we won’t watch the Super Bowl we hope the 49ers win.

We here at DogFacePonia have heard some rumors. Taylor Swift might use the Superbowl as a time to root for the Anti-Hero (AKA Joe Biden). Certainly, the Democrats would like this as things are not looking so good for this gentle senile old man. Plus She can fill stadiums with supporters where Biden can’t fill a closet. But we think she is better than that and won’t support a guy like that. After all, when the celebrities were taking money from FTX she said no thanks. here is hoping she will not be cheer captain and go back to the bleachers. As for Music in general, just like with the news, we here at DogFacePonia recommend avoiding the mainstream and finding something independent to listen to.

Image From: iHeartRadioCA, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons