Carano Is Not Disney’s Type. They are into James Gunn.

Gina Carano with her fists up ready to fight

Disney has decided to part ways with Gina Carano. Disney insists they have never done anything controversial and cannot support and continue their association with Gina Carano. Disney went on to say how Gina Carano does not fit the Disney Princess mold they have placated on society for years “Strong, powerful and independent thinking women go against everything Disney has stood for almost 100 years, so it was an easy choice to part ways with Gina,” said one Disney Representative. Gina doesn’t need a prince to save her so doesnt fit into the proper role.

When Disney was asked about previous controversial tweets made by Pedro Pascal, the star of the Mandalorian. They let us know that the expectations and standards are different not only for women but also stars. We nodded as a good DogFacePonia Soldier in sheep clothing. Thankfully we went unnoticed.

Disney also is deeply into James Gunn because he you know has made them alot of money. So regardless of his sickness they are willing to forgive, as long as you are not conservative. Even Buzz Lightyear lost his voice.

We here at DogFacePonia were greatly confused by these comments and wondered when Disney became such a great sheep herder. Yet in the end if it has worked for almost 100 years who are we to question the all-powerful Disney. Besides if we did DogFacePonia might have been bought out like anyone else who attempts to compete with Disney. Or we might even be blacklisted. (much more likely since we make no money)

DogfacePonia wishs Gina the best of luck in her new relationship with the Daily Wire. There she can be the star and producer she deserves to be.

Image From :”Gina Carano iPhone wallpaper” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by xploitme