Biden’s Je-Covid Witness Coming to Visit

Worker walking with full hazmat suit on.

Coming to a neighborhood near you – Je-Covid Witnesses.  The Biden administration’s plan is to go door-to-door to seek out the unvaccinated and encourage them to get the COVID-19 shot. The government wants you to get a shot in the arm. They are just wondering who wouldn’t want to? Their leader says so, so them it must be safe. The answer is Republicans who cling to their bibles and guns.

A deal was made to send Je-Covid Witnesses out with bibles and vaccines. The representatives would offer a shot on the spot or to pray for you since you are gonna die if you don’t get one (or if you do). The Bible foretold that pestilences (widespread diseases, including pandemics) would occur during the last days.

South Carolina, Missouri and Texas among others have indicated they will ban the door-to-door program Biden has called for. The federal government has indicated that these Je-covid Witnesses can’t be banned because they carry bibles and will pray for those who refuse to get vaccinated. Banning them would violate the first amendment on freedom of religion.

We here at DogFacePonia do not know about how religion and politics should interact. But we do know that the Democratic Party is looking more and more like a cult. Can someone get them some Kool-Aid?

Image From : “Hazmat” (CC BY 2.0) by Tom Hilton