Dropping Fake Bombs on Brand

Ben Sutherland Russell Brand gets passionate

Censorship is one method used to take out the competition, especially those telling the truth on a matter, that others do not want getting out. Another method is to twist, insinuate and make believable accusations of sexual assault or other related misdeeds. A comedic joke one year, that was perfectly acceptable at the time. Is now a death sentence to the one having done it.

Envelopes that were once pushed for the sake of comedy and entertainment, now are trigger moments for the weak of will and those paid off. To complain about in an effort to gain monetary compensation or a manufactured vendetta to ruin someones life.

Even Brand’s very open consensual promiscuous past, while in league with the Deep Media is being used against him. After the past handful of years of Russell Brand dropping truth bombs and looking at issues with a keen mind and exacting intelligence.

The amount of effort going into dropping fake bombs on Brand, is exceptional to say the least.

One should ask, who benefits from this multi-faceted attack on Brand? Some of our DFP Street Soldiers gave us some material which suggest A.I. Deepfakes are involved, however we cannot verify this as of this writing.

On another note, the DFP Conspiracy Theories Dept. suggests strongly, it is the Global Elite. They have the money and resources to attempt to slander and defame a person for the fun of it, let alone because they don’t like a person’s freedom of speech perspectives.

The word on the street is a mixed bag of manure.

45% of respondents think Brand is guilty regardless of actual proof otherwise.
22% feel he is responsible for some things but not all.
And 30% feel he is on Brand for Comedy and Truth Bombs and couldn’t care a flock of Seagulls about what the Deep State Media has to say.
3% of Respondents were undecided.

Though despite our Respondent survey, we have reason to believe it may have manipulated by A.I. bots. That said elections or surveys don’t make the truth. Regardless, we feel Russell should use whoever Trump is using, to stay ahead of the issues. Just not his E Jean Carroll Lawyer they are terrible. That Kat plays 5D Chess! In the end The Truth is what it is. We don’t know it but find it interesting this is coming out now. All of this is totally “on brand” for the media these days.

Russell Brand gets passionate” (CC BY 2.0) by Ben Sutherland