Ellen to be fired by Trump

Ellen has been under fire lately for the toxic and hostile work environment created on her show. A solution has been found. Starting in January when he completes his current job contract, Donald Trump will take over the Ellen show. As part of the contract, Trump get to fire Ellen on the show.

Trump has experience in hostile work environments and in Hollywood. He created toxic work environments on the Apprentice and in the White House. Most of the the media and a little more than 50% of the American people are hostile to Trump as president, so he is used to working in a toxic environment, which makes him an excellent replacement for Ellen.

When interviewed on this an NBC Executive said “NBC has a great relationship with Trump over the years. Trumps shows, the Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice, were huge successes. Ellen is gay and Trump has a great relationship with the LGBT Community. This is a win for everyone”.

Trump has a new book and now will be hosting the Ellen show. He has a busy time coming up and may need to cut back on all the golfing he has done during his presidency. Don’t forget his potential mural painting venture.

Image From: “You’re Fired” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by PhotosByDavid