Flag Day 2021

Trump 2020 Keep America Great Flag

June 14th, 2021, a day that is not only a day for honoring those who fought and fight to protect it. It is also President Trump’s 75th Birthday.

Today reminds us of sacrifice, America’s storied History and it represents the best this Nation has given to us and the World.

Yet, today is something that reminds us of what our Flag is not!

  • It is not Toilet Paper (we know manufactured shortages have occurred and continue, but our flag is not such).
  • It is not a Napkin (picnic and grilling Weather is here in the States and Summer is officially around the corner but wipe your hands on your shirt if you have to).
  • It is not only for white people (This Nations flag is for everyone in our great melting pot of Humanity. For every Great Man and Woman, Girl and Boy who lives here and keeps this Nation prospering for everyone of us).
  • It is not Garbage (I know some of us love our junk piles and garbage dumps, especially for pickin’ treasure. But this is not our flag).

What our Flag is:

  • It is a representation of every American, those who fought and fight for Freedom.
  • It is a representation of every Man, Woman and child who are the backbone of this great Nation.
  • It shows to Americans and the World the sacrifices made to maintain freedom.
  • It may also be seen as: Antifa Repellant, BLM Repellant, (Far Left) Liberal Repellant.
  • Our Flag communicates to all our enemies foreign and domestic. That we do not stand for destructive Collectivist (Socialism, Marxism, Communism), ideals.
  • That there is a line in the sand and no one shall pass who does not respect the ideals of a Republic.

We should treat our flag with utmost respect. For it is a representation of our values and if we don’t respect it, we show don’t respect ourselves or anyone.

This is not about idol worship or weird fetishes.

It is about keeping the United States of America strong. Through our relationship with each other and what we stand for.

And while we celebrate waving our Stars and Strips with Pride. We here at DogFacePonia also send a Happy Birthday out to President Donald. J. Trump. Flying a MAGA Flag would also seem to fit well to thank President Donald. J. Trump and his Family for all they have done to maintain the integrity of our beloved Flag.

We here in DogFacePonia will return to our efforts tomorrow of making a joke of Liberal and Democrat sheep and honoring every American who fights everyday to Make America Great! We hope that you enjoy our small contribution to those noble efforts.

Image from: “Trump flag” (Public Domain) by dankeck