Flash: Will Impeachment Be Longest in History

Pictures of Members of The Senate

After the vote to have witnesses, all of the senate and house members will be subpoenaed as witnesses as will all of the members of the capital police force. Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris were also listed as witnesses along with all government workers. Former President Trump has requested to depose all the citizens of the United States.

The Senate has to vote on each witness. The Senate will therefore be unable to pass legislation and Biden will have to continue to govern by Executive Order. Cabinet nominees cannot be approved.

The Supreme Court has refused to hear any case on the Impeachment because it is a political process. . Also the Supreme Court cannot be packed because the Senate cannot vote on that plan. Chief Justice Roberts is really glad he decided not to preside.

The final vote on impeachment has now been scheduled for January 2024.

Some have called this the Neverending Impeachment. It now seems the brains of most of the Left are being consumed by the nothing.

This is the Impeachment that never ends it just goes on and on my friend. Some Democrats tried Impeachment not knowing what it was. They’ll continue Impeachments forever just because … repeat

Just hope we are not 🐑 lamb chops being conditioned for the slaughter

Update: DogFacePonia media as a valuable source has reached out to the Senate and the Senate has now backed down on calling witnesses.