Illinois Governor extends Stay at home to keep Rod Blagojevich imprisoned

JD Pritzker with Donald Trump

Illinois Governor J D Pritzker has extended the shelter in place order for Illinois to keep Rod Blagojevich at bay.

Pritzker said in his speech “Trump brought this scourge on us for a second time. After Blago tried to destroy the state for 6 years as Governor he was finally impeached and arrested. Now Trump has released him and Illinois is in trouble again. When Blagojevich was given clemency on February 18th the US had less than 100 cases of COVID-19. Now there are over 100,000. Science tells us this is no coincidence.”

When asked how long the order would stay in place Pritzker said “The State was prepared to go 6 years to force Blagojevich to finish his sentence.”

Members of the state are looking for crimes to arrest Blagojevich for; another reason to end the stay at home order. Some are saying it is terrorism as he clearly brought this plague of God on us after his release from prison.

In an interview with Rod Blagojevich (where reporters wore full hazmat suits for safety) Blagojevich said “I am absolutely certain that I will be vindicated”.

Image From: “President Donald J. Trump Meets with Gov” (Public Domain) by The White House