Liberal Seeks Liberal

Personal ad: I am looking for a partner to share my life with. I do not care about color of skin or sexual orientation. I do have a list of requirements you should meet before contacting me.

  1. Must be willing to vote for Joe Biden at least twice.
  2. Must be responsible spender of food stamps.
  3. Must be willing to live in my parent’s basement FOREVER! (They love me too much to ever let me leave.)
  4. Must be willing to support a family by peacefully protesting as needed. Examples include rioting, looting or any other act needed to cause racial tension that can be blamed on Republicans.
  5. Must have a proper Kneeling stature.
  6. Must religiously listen to AOC and follow her twitter daily, to ensure we enact all her great ideas.
  7. Must be willing to lie, cheat and steal to live up to the examples of Democratic leadership.
  8. Must have solid short-term goals, Not Trump in 2020.
  9. Long term goals must include living off the government and accepting our place beneath the Feet of our Democrat Leaders.

If you meet all these requirements, it is possible, we are meant to live a short murderous life of poverty, looting, rioting and drain the system together.

Image From: “Kiss this libturbs!” (Public Domain) by Ancho.