Menendez Plans his Presidential Campaign and Indictments

Robert Menendez Speaking at an Event

As Biden’s poll numbers continue to tank, Democratic Senator Bob Menendez is considering running for President. Now that he has been indicted for a second time after a hung jury let him off the first time, he believes he only needs one more indictment to enter the Democratic primary. Democratic requirements are much easier than Republican.

Trump has set a standard that Bob Menendez may not be able to reach. He needs the cooperation of the Justice Department.  If only he could get a special council or a Congressional impeachment inquiry, he’d be a shoo-in. In a conversation with his campaign manager, it is reported that Menendez was asked “You know, they’re going to kick you out of Congress?” Menendez replied, “I’ll just have to run for President.”

Menendez is not worried about a conviction since he has hired Hunter Biden’s lawyer. He is hoping for a sweetheart plea deal which would protect him from future legal problems but only after a third indictment. This might be a mistake since he can’t get future indictments to aid in his campaigning. Besides he still has more money stashed for emergencies in case he needs to flee to Egypt.

DogFacePonia believes he was saving money to build a basement to campaign out of. He just needs a basement to beat Biden but he needs that next indictment to stand up to Trump.

Other Candidates?

Giuliani is making a strong showing in his shadow campaign to be the Republican nominee. He is up to three indictments already with high potential for future indictments. There are only so many indictments to go around. Who will the winner be?

Another Dark Horse Candidate is Hunter Biden, he has been indicted and as a bonus is suing Rudy Guiliani. Joe could drop out in favor of the Smartest Man he knows Hunter. As a bonus, they wouldn’t even need to print new campaign materials. “Biden the name you know”. If all goes as planned this could be the 3rd Father Son combination in history. Maybe Hunter’s daughter Navy Roberts, you know the one he had with a stripper that Joe refused to acknowledge, could be President one day.

Image From: “190204-Z-AL508-1191” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by New Jersey National Guard