Trump Comes in for Free Presidential Photo, Joe is Next in Line

Trump Mugshot

Donald Trump came into Fulton County for his scheduled Presidential photo. No word has yet been given for when or where Joe Biden will receive his free photo. As the front runners, this is now just standard procedure.

Reasons for Presidential Photos

  1. Getting pictures of any kind of presidential candidates can be hard when campaigning is done in the basement or secured bunkers.
  2. You never know when a bag of cocaine will show up at the White House these days.
  3. With so many pseudonyms showing up surrounding elected officials. Pseudo-pictures are just around the corner.
  4. A picture is worth 1000 words, and some presidential candidates may not remember 1000 words.
  5. Grandchildren deserve access to unbiased pictures from a reliable source. Pictures taken by Strippers, drug addicts,, or Chinese Spies are just not held in high regard with most families.
  6. A good solid picture is great to have in case your plane crashes suddenly after one degree of separation from the Clinton family.
  7. A good solid picture can really make you feel important when it shows up on a T-shirt.
  8. A picture is useful in case the presidential candidate gets lost so we can put it on a milk carton.

The Photo Opp also gave a chance for a weigh-in. When a Zuckerburg/Musk like fight is planned this will be helpful. Trump weighed in at 215 pounds which is likely ahead of Joe Biden. Chris Christie is believed to have this lead among all presidential candidates. He claims Trump is afraid to face him.

We here in DogFacePonia look forward, in dire anticipation to the Joe Biden photo. Where will it be, who will it be, and of course will Joe Biden just smile for the camera as always? Rumors are saying that The Big Guy is requesting a family photo, but the house oversight committee has not made a decision yet. Hopefully, Joe Biden can find time between vacations to get these details ironed out. Regardless, Hunter will help ensure this gets done.

Photograph from Fulton County Sheriff’s Office