Move-Into Georgia State of Mind

There is migration from New York and New Jersey to Georgia. Why you ask would they move to Georgia when they could move to DogFacePonia? Stacey Abrams and Raphael Warnok invited them.

First to come are Democrat campaign workers on the Senatorial Campaign in Georgia. Since they expect to be there more than two months they will just register to vote. Republicans are expected to promote moving to Georgia also.

Second, there are people who want to get a Covid vaccine shot before Biden becomes President. Since New York and New Jersey are not going to distribute a Trump vaccine until Biden is President that could be an unknown amount of time – maybe never. Why wait?

Third, college students have been offered scholarships and free or subsidized housing in the George Soros Condominiums. Also Georgia has open campuses instead of online learning. Come be a super spreader and get paid.

Fourth, People are digging up loved ones in order to rebury them in Georgia so they also can vote when they rise up as zombies.

Fifth, Postal workers because there are not sufficient workers to back date ballots of Democrats.

Recent rumors indicate that President Trump’s entire family will move to Georgia to help the election turnout. Trump is supporting the Move-Into Georgia movement to assure the election of at least one more Repubican Senator.

There is not much time to get everyone one there and registered in time to make a total fraud of the election. It sounds like things are going to be just peachy in Georgia as the January 5th Election approaches.

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Image From: “Georgia Peach!” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by sarahee