NFL Starts Season Missing One Thing … Fans

The NFL (kNeeling Football League) started the new season tonight to no applause. Not even cardboard cutoffs cheered. Rating are sure to be in the toilet (flush for freedom!). Did you watch? Did you flush? I don’t even know who was playing. I am sure they all kneeled during the anthem, I hope nobody got hurt, but I didn’t watch. (Texas players hid in the locker room) Antifa and BLM, the only fans left, are too busy starting peaceful protests, lighting campfires and joining old people for outdoor dining to watch Thursday Night Football. A new anthem was added “Baa, Baa Blacksheep”. All the rowdy friends won’t be here on Monday night either as Hank Williams Jr. is Cancelled.

The NFL used to have the military as it’s biggest sponsor. I am pretty sure Antifa and BLM do not count as ROTC so they are better off using money elsewhere. Be all that you can be … forget the NFL. Sorry Pat Tillman, it is such a disgrace. I sure hope they don’t mess with his statue.

The NFL is about as relevant as the paint drying on my wall (at least it finally dries). I might want to check on that. I was gonna watch Netflix but I didn’t feel like watching that pedifile streaming service, so I will pass. Days like this I am in the twilight zone not the end zone.

Drew Brees and the rest of the NFL can wear the name of a man “accused” of sexual assult on their helmet if they want. I am turning it off.

So go go NFL. Score a touch down or 2 for all I care, kneel to the anthem. I and the rest of America already turned it off. It takes four times the effort and money to win a customer than to retain one.

Image from: “Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memoria” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Ken Lund